The seat of the Foundation is hosted in some premises of the prestigious palace Morandi, central house of ST. Ursula’s Society (St. Angela Merici’s daughters)

ADDRESS: Via Arena 26, 24129 Bergamo.

TELEPHONE AND FAX: +39.035.4284103


The Foundation is open from Monday to FridayFrom 10 a.m. to 12.30 a.m. and from 2.30 p.m. to 4 p.m.
It is closed in August and throughout the Christmas period




How to make a donation to the “Papa Giovanni XXIII” Foundation.



You can support the “Papa Giovanni XXIII” Foundation with a money contribution in the following ways:

  1. Postal bill
    payable to “Fondazione Papa Giovanni XXIII”
    Via Arena, 26 – 24129 Bergamo
    into the postal checking account number: 1005431562
  2. Bank transfer
    payable to “Fondazione Papa Giovanni XXIII” into one of the following banks accounts:
    Banca CREBERG IBAN: IT46P0333611109000000010750
    Banca POPOLARE DI BERGAMO IBAN: IT26H0542811107000000000978
    Banca CARIPARMA IBAN: IT81P0623011110000046528192
  3. Not-transferable Bank cheque
    payable to “Fondazione Papa Giovanni XXIII”, mailed in a sealed envelope to the following address:
    Fondazione Papa Giovanni XXIII
    Via Arena, 26 – 24129 Bergamo

Important Notice:
Please, be so kind to include in You expedition Your personal data, so that we may send You a letter of acknowledgment and thanksgiving, and also our periodical newsletter.

A personal contribution
By making a donation of any kind, You offer an important personal contribution to the “Papa Giovanni XXIII” Foundation of Bergamo. You therefore become a member of a large group of supporters, who follow us in our daily activity. Through our newsletter and web-site we’ll keep You up to date with our latest initiatives and projects.


Why should one write a will?

This is a question that in many cases – particularly in Italy – one doesn’t normally put. Usually, one feels quite uncomfortable and perplexed, when thinking of writing such a document. One does prefer to delay decisions of this peculiar kind to an uncertain time to come.
Besides, in common sense, a will is considered to be an act, which is typical of very rich people or also of people who want to divide their wealth, after death, among those who they love: sometimes, these are not necessarily their relatives, who would normally inherit, according to the law, unless a clear will is written.
In fact, in the particular case of Italy, the laws of the State decide to whom of our relatives our properties and money go, unless we write a proper will. A will is the only legal way we have to clearly indicate who is to be our heir or heirs. We can include beloved people and friends among those we wish to benefit: and we can do the same with cultural or religious institutions, so that – with our help – they may continue to promote the values which we have shared with them during our lifetime. For this reason, it is possible to indicate in our will also an institution such as the “Papa Giovanni XXIII” Foundation: we will, therefore, support its work throughout time.

Who may write a will?

In order to write a proper and legal will, it is appropriate to ask for the assistance of a notary, who will be able, at an affordable expense, to help you in writing and keeping the act safely. anybody who is of age and able to understand and act is allowed to write a will. Who is not able to write or to sign because of physical diseases, can have his/her own will written by a notary, at the presence of two witnesses. A will can be modified afterwards any time one wishes to do so.

Which other ways of donation?

It is possible to support the “Papa Giovanni XXIII” Foundation also through a life insurance policy. In fact, the policy holder can indicate the Foundation as the final payee, taking care in any case not to damage the legal heirs, whom a legitimate quote of the final payment is due to. Who may wish to indicate the “Papa Giovanni XXIII” Foundation as payee of his/her life insurance policy, shall give formal communication to the chosen Insurance Company at the moment of stipulating the policy, or directly in his/her will.

Is it possible to donate now?

Of course, it is possible to give a donation during one’s lifetime. Usually, such a donation – which concerns goods and chattels of particular value – may be done with a formal notary act, completely tax free.