The archive heritage of the Foundation is made up of:

  • The Papa Giovanni XXIII fund
  • The Radini Tedeschi fund
  • The Coari fund
  • The Capovilla fund
  • The Benigni fund

Documents continue to come to the heritage, so its consistency is constantly increasing.

The Papa Giovanni XXIII Fund was started in 1994 by Monsignor Capovilla. It includes documents and photographs. Among the documents are spiritual diaries, notebooks with speeches and homilies, notes and letters for the amount of 96 envelopes, 89 pocket diaries, 22 files, 9 bundles, 4 boxes, 3 big boxes.
The photographic material is composed of 183 albums and about 690 single pictures.

The Radini Tedeschi Fund with the Papa Giovanni XXIII Fund is composed of the papers left by the late bishop of Bergamo to his secretary at that time, don Angelo Roncalli, and it consists of 4 envelopes.
These documents allow to shed light on Monsignor Radini Tedeschi’s activity within the “Opera dei Congressi”.

The Coari Fund consists of 2 envelopes containing documents left by one of the main women’s representatives of the Christian democratic party in the early 900, Miss Adelaide Coari, to Monsignor Capovilla. It includes the correspondence with outstanding figures of her time: Mons. Radini Tedeschi, Angelo Roncalli, Father Semeria, Sister Maria (Campello sul Clitunno), Giovanni Boine, Alessandro Casati, Giovanni Piolo, Silietta Gorbero and Mons.
Capovilla. Of great interest are the also the papers relating to her collaboration with Mons. Radini Tedeschi to promote the birth of a modern female Christian movement.

The Capovilla Fund is made up of 23 envelopes containing a big amount of documents concerning the bergamasco Pope and collected by the bishop over the years.

The Benigni Fund with 55 envelopes, is mainly composed of the documents collected by vicepostulator, Mons. Mario Bellini, for Pope John 23rd’s beatification, as well as the material collected by the priest for his historical studies.